Edgewater Beach Resort’s

Rules & Regulations


Edgewater Beach Resort has Rules & Regulations that all owners, guests, visitors, Club members and employees must abide by. By coming onto Resort property as a guest, you agree that you have reviewed these and agree to abide by them all.

The Resort’s Rules & Regulations are designed to enhance the guest experience as well as to maintain a high standard of security and resort atmosphere at all times.

Rules & Regulations

* This is an abbreviated list of rules, limited to those that pertain to non-owners coming to Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort; this is not the complete list of Rules approved by the EBRCA Board. Owners, please see the approved list for all rules in their entirety.

Click for a downloadable copy of the Rules & Regulations

Arrival and Access – GUESTS/TENANTS

  1. All Edgewater Beach Resort (EBR) guests must register and pay applicable registration fees to be on EBR property. Guests are defined as anyone staying on property who is not an owner listed on the property deed/LLC/trust/etc, or the friend/family of an owner who is on property with them.
  2. By coming onto Resort property, all owners, guests, visitors, vendors, Club Members, and employees agree that they will abide by all the Rules and Regulations stipulated in this document.
  3. Guest registration fees include the use of all resort amenities (exclusions: golf, all court sports, and fitness center will be an additional cost) and one Resort Access Pass (car/truck or motorcycle). Fees do not change if a Pass is not needed.
  4. Guests arriving in a taxi, Uber, Lyft or other public transportation must show security a copy of their guest registration confirmation or—for all subsequent arrivals via public transportation–the Resort Access Pass to access the Resort.
  5. Each guest stay requires one registration for the duration of the stay regardless of the number of nights.
  6. Owners with guests who extend their stay after arriving on property must complete the online Registration Revision form and guests then go to Owner Services for an updated pass.
  7. A Resort Access Pass must always be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard of the vehicle; vehicles without a Resort Access Pass are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  8. Guests arriving on or with a motorcycle must have a Resort Access Pass for their vehicle as well as the motorcycle.
  9. Guests may purchase up to two additional Resort Access Passes for vehicles.
  10. Guests may purchase up to three additional Resort Access Passes for motorcycles.
  11. Guests may purchase a trailer/RV/boat pass only from Sept 16 – May 14.
  12. Motorcycles arriving via trailer will be free of charge during Thunder Beach Bike Weeks.
  13. Guests bringing a trailer with motorcycles during Thunder Beach Bike Weeks may bring one trailer free of charge.
  14. Guests who arrive without being registered or who cannot provide security with proof of their stay will be denied access to the resort.
  15. Guests arriving during typical business hours (8am-5pm) who have not registered will be directed to do so online and then proceed to Owner Services to pick up their Resort Access Pass(es). Entry Passes will not be issued to these guests.
  16. Guests arriving after typical business hours (8am-5pm) who have not registered must provide proof of their stay to security and will then be issued a red Entry Pass to access the property. The red Entry Pass is only good for a single initial entry and valid until 11am the next morning by which time the guest should have registered online and visited Owner Services to get their Resort Access Pass.
  17. Guests failing to register or pick up and display their Resort Access Pass and continuing to use/display a red Entry Pass will result in a $100 fine to the owner which must be paid within 10 days of issue. Guests failing to register or pick up their Resort Access Pass by 11am will be denied entry to the resort until the proper pass is obtained.
  18. Guests who refuse to register or pick up a Resort Access Pass may have their vehicle towed or booted at the sole expense of the vehicle owner.
  19. Guests aged 13 and up must wear resort ID wristbands on property.
  20. Only owners are allowed to authorize red Entry Passes for visitors and must do so via the Edgewater Registration website. Guests and Property Managers may not request red Entry Passes.
  21. Security is not allowed to accept items from owners or management companies with intent to distribute to guests. This includes keys, packages, wristbands, Resort Access Passes etc.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Resort ID wristbands are required at all times year-round for owners, owners’ family/friends, guests, tenants, Club Members, and visitors ages 13 and up while on EBRCA property.
  2. Only owners with an owner card may wear owner wristbands.
  3. Resort ID wristbands are not pool tags; they are property ID wristbands. They are to be worn any time the guest/tenant/owner/owner friends & family/Club members are on EBRCA property.
  4. Pedestrians will not be allowed to enter EBRCA property without a Resort ID Wristband or an owner card.
  5. All vehicles entering EBRCA Property must have a current decal or vehicle Resort Access Pass. Passes or current owner decals must always be visible while on EBRCA Property.
  6. Parking under the porticos at the towers is for unloading only. Vehicles left unattended under the porticos for longer than 15 minutes may be fined or towed.
  7. Bubble Cars, skates, roller blades, road surfers, skateboards, foot scooters are prohibited on EBRCA property.
  8. Low speed vehicles are allowed for owners only if they are street legal, licensed and insured. These must have an owner decal or Resort Access Pass to be allowed on property.
  9. To register as a guest, you must be 25 years or older. Anyone under 25 must have in-room adult supervision. (Adult must be staying in the unit and available at all times). Exceptions: military groups and first responders acting in official capacities. Underage guests staying by themselves are subject to eviction.
  10. Minors are not allowed to consume alcohol anywhere on EBRCA property (the legal drinking age in Florida is 21 years). Minors caught consuming alcohol may result in eviction.
  11. Luggage carts are for owner and guest use only. These should not be brought into individual units and must be returned to the lobby immediately after use.
  12. Climbing on or leaning over balcony railings will result in eviction of guests and fines for owners.
  13. Feeding seagulls, pigeons, cats or other wildlife is prohibited throughout the EBRCA Property.
  14. Nudity and indecent exposure, as defined by Florida Statutes, will not be tolerated in any public or common area of the EBRCA Property including any areas which are exposed to public view. Violators may be evicted and prosecuted.
  15. Only owners are allowed to have pets on EBRCA property. Neither rental guests nor owners’ guests are allowed to bring pets on EBRCA property. A non-owner with a pet has 16 hours to board the animal or leave property.
  16. Animals are not allowed on pool decks or hot tub decks. Pets are not allowed on the beach (City Ordinance Chapter 7, Article I, Section 7-9).
  17. No bikes are allowed on any pool deck.
  18. Water balloon slingshots and water balloon throwing is prohibited and will result in eviction of guests/fines for owners. Throwing any item, including cigars and cigarettes, from balconies and walkways is considered dangerous and will result in eviction of guests and fines for owners.
  19. Laser pointers are prohibited from being used on EBRCA property.
  20. Fireworks are prohibited from being used on EBRCA property.
  21. Use or operation of drones is prohibited on EBRCA property.
  22. “Quiet hours” are enforced throughout the EBRCA property between 10pm and 8am. All owners and guests shall refrain from any activity that would disturb other residents at any time, especially during these hours.
  23. Excessive noise that interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of your neighbors will not be allowed during any hours of the day. This includes but is not limited to the volume of music, TVs, or excessive dog barking.
  24. Maintenance, repair, construction or other working hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 7pm unless emergency service is required. All noisy tile removal, use of power equipment or other work creating nuisance noise for others is prohibited prior to 9am and after 5pm. All vendors must be off property by 7pm each day including vehicles and trailers (except for emergencies). There may be designated Association Approved Projects allowed to conduct business outside these hours, including but not limited to landscape and golf course maintenance.

Building and Grounds

  1. Pet fencing, including netting, is not allowed on decks, balconies, or patios.
  2. Nothing can be attached, connected to, or hung on any railing or outside walls. Holiday decorations are allowed if put up and taken down in the generally accepted time frame to celebrate that holiday. During turtle nesting season, March 1 through October 31, no decorative or additional outside lights may be used on tower balconies.
  3. Towels or other articles should not be hung on balcony or walkway railings.
  4. Walkways and stairways are fire exit lanes. No items shall be left in these areas at any time that would impede passage.
  5. Charcoal grills, gas grills, and hibachis are not allowed on EBRCA property. Electric grills may be used throughout EBRCA property. Guests may be evicted for grill violations. Owners will be fined. This will be enforced in accordance with state and local fire ordinances.
  6. Funneling on balconies or anywhere on EBRCA property is prohibited.
  7. Personal video/surveillance cameras are not allowed to be installed outside any unit with the exception of “Ring” type doorbells/cameras which must be installed on unit door frame and not on the door or building stucco.

Pool and Hot Tub Rules

  1. No lifeguard on duty – use at your own risk.
  2. All pools and hot tubs are open from 7am to 11pm. Quiet hours start at 10pm and will be enforced.
  3. Quiet hours will be enforced between 10pm and 8am.
  4. No large coolers or speakers/radios are allowed on any pool deck.
  5. No smoking or vapes in pools, hot tubs, and pool area decks.
  6. No floats are allowed in any pool when the pool is crowded.
  7. No throwing or hitting balls or any other type of projectile in pools.
  8. Glass containers are not allowed on pool decks or in pools or hot tubs.
  9. No food or drink is allowed within 4 ft. of pools or hot tubs.
  10. No diving from or climbing on rocks or waterfalls. Climbing or diving off rocks and waterfalls is subject to eviction.
  11. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult when in any pool or hot tub.
  12. No animals are allowed in the pool or on pool decks.
  13. Shower before using any pool or hot tub.
  14. Swim diapers are required for all toddlers and babies while in any pool or on the pool decks.
  15. Do not use any pool if ill with diarrhea.
  16. The pool water is treated chemically and should not be ingested.

RV/Boat/Trailer Parking – guests

  1. May 15 – September 15 – during high season, no guest boats, trailers or RVs are allowed. September 16 to May 14 – guest parking is permitted only when owner-authorized, with a reservation, paid registration, and if space allows.
  2. RV/boat/trailer fee is $40/week except during bike weeks when trailers are free.
  3. RV/boat/trailer will be given an assigned parking space by security for the stay.
  4. All units in this area must be parked in their assigned space and unhooked from vehicle at all times.
  5. All units parked in this area must have valid plates and insurance in place to cover liability.
  6. All units will have a Pass with the owner’s name and unit number displayed in the windshield or front wall of the parked unit. Pass will be furnished by security and posted by the vehicle owner. If a pass is not visible while on property, a fine of up to $100 per day could be levied.
  7. Violation of rules or refusal to remove items from this area could result in the owner losing RV/Boat/Trailer parking privilege.
  8. Only owners and registered guests who are staying at EBRCA property may park RVs/Boats/Trailers.
  9. When not staying at EBRCA property, the guests’ and owners’ equipment must be removed from EBRCA property.
  10. These vehicles cannot be used for any commercial operations including home-based businesses.
  11. Vehicles must be maintained properly–no flat tires, rusty, or disabled vehicles allowed. Vehicles parked must be mobile.
  12. As a courtesy, security will make a good faith effort to contact any owner or guest in violation of the above policies.
  13. Security is authorized to remove any illegally parked equipment after expiration of the parking permit and good faith effort or upon any violation after notice. The owner of that equipment will be responsible for recovery and all fees associated with towing and storage.